Error in StandAlone Android app for ONE person only


One of my users is getting the following error when he tries to install and run the standalone expo-built app.

Funny thing is, the standalone app works for everyone else, it only fails for this one person. And even funnier, older versions of the app worked for this person. It’s just this version that fails.

Thank you for the help!

---- ERROR BELOW ----

Uncaught Error: Error calling AppRegistry.runApplication

Uncaught Error:
Unexpected end of script (/data/user/0/com.cho.kajiwoto/files/28.0.0/cached-bundle-experience-%40saeho%2Fkajiwoto1041388065-28.0.0:53)

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Hey @saeho. Thanks for the report. We’ve seen this issue before and thought it was fixed :frowning:. What device and OS is it?

The user is using Samsung Galaxy c5.
Not sure what version, but it’s an Android.
Do you want me to ask what version Android the user is using?

I would like to point out that this exact thing is happening to me with today’s builds. Yesterday everything was working fine.
It happens both on genymotion (Goole nexus 5, Android version 6) and on a physical device (moto g4, Android version 7), both as standalone builds. If I use Expo everything works fine.



I’m starting to get more reports from other people. They aren’t necessary getting that white screen withe that message, but I’m getting multiple reports that the app shuts down after loading.

IOS version seems to be ok.

Like gaboleskul said, it might be a problem with recent builds only.

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I have also experienced this error as well on SDK 28, standalone build for Android

I’m about to make a new build for my users in few days. I was wondering if this issue is resolved now?


Users are experiencing this bug for my app on Android, any update on this issue? Happening on SDK 28.

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