Error in Expo help me

hi guys, i get started a new project with expo init projectName command and got an error like yellow text and 503 error code, please help me!!!

I am getting same error too

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Same here

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a posible solution for local development: expo start --lan --offline

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So before, I thought it had to be on the same wifi network, so just need a QR code to start the application in a remote place?

Under normal circumstances, if you want to connect to your dev machine from a remote location you need a way for Expo Go to connect to your dev machine from that location. The usual way to do this is with --tunnel mode.

This is a known outage- Expo Status - Degraded Performance

We have implemented a fix and things should be getting back to normal- we’re still monitoring the error rates, though

Incident is resolved- let me know if you’re still running into this same issue.

everything is ok, thanks