Error in EAS build caused by expo-react-native-adapter

Hey everyone! I’m running into build failures on Android EAS build. I’m on the managed workflow. eas-cli 2.7.0.

I’m getting two errors: “Plugin with id ‘maven’ not found.” and “compileSdkVersion is not specified. Please add it to build.gradle”. Both are caused by expo-react-native-adapter. I found this Github issue, but it only explains how to solve the problem on the bare workflow, not managed. I don’t have access to the gradle on managed. I’d definitely appreciate some help on this!

hi there! you should not have “expo-react-native-adapter” in your project - do you know why it is installed? that package hasn’t been published in 4 years and was only briefly used. can you share a link to your build page as well?

Looks like removing that package actually fixed the build for Android. But I have a different error on iOS unfortunately.

Here is the issue on iOS: EAS: Entrypoint build failure on iOS, would definitely appreciate a look