Error getting expo token No Experience ID

Hi guys,

I am currently using SDK 40.0 on iOS. Push notification is working correctly when using the Expo Go client and also when using an expo build:ios. However I am using as the CI, and they have a expo:eject / detach mode. Which does an eject before building. Everything works really well except push notifications.

The error that I get when getting the expo token async is the following: ERR_NOTIFICATIONS_NO_EXPERIENCE_ID

I am following their official guide Redirecting….

Everything works really well except push notification which is causing this error. A few things that are important.

During the expo eject, I am using the credentials for the expo service, and doing a publish in case that was causing the problem.

It seems there is something on the eject process that loses the reference to the expo service for push. Any information could be provided here would be great.

Thank you

It seems I was able to fix the issue, but for me the documentation was not as clear and should be updated. When doing the bare workflow we have to pass the experienceId manually, however I thought it was already there because of the eject but its not. So now I check if exists and if it does not I set it to the on my env file.

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