Error failed to start daemon

I’m using genymotion for free and run nexus 5 virtual device.
Then i turn on the adb for adndorid sdk and exp path command line.
I just follow the instructions.
but i’ getting this error:

Couldn’t start project on Android: could not install smartsocket listener: cannot bind to Normalmente só é permitido uma utilização de cada endereço de socket (protocolo/endere��o de rede/porta). (10048)
could not read ok from ADB Server

failed to start daemon *
error: cannot connect to daemon

Couldn’t start project on Android: Error running adb: ** daemon still not running
error: cannot connect to daemon: cannot connect to Nenhuma ligação pôde ser feita porque o computador de destino

as recusou ativamente. (10061)
i just create a new project empty view in expo xde installed genymotion and android sdk and follow the instructions.
Thanks in advance
Carlos Vieira

Hello thanks by your reply but like i said i follow the instructions of that specific page…
i set the adb from android sdk…

it just dont works

carlos vieira

Does running adb devices in your terminal work? What path did you put in your genymotion config? Hard to tell what’s going on without more information.

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