Error: Failed to resize image: AppIcon29x29@2x.png

We’ve started having issues with standalone builds since yesterday.

Error: Failed to resize image: AppIcon29x29@2x.png. (Error: Input file contains unsupported image format)

This is on SDK32. As per a github issue on the subject I removed alpha channel on image, re-uploaded and build succeeded. Now today I just tried to re-run the same build but now I’m getting the above error. Initially it was AppIcon20x20 prior to change to alpha channel, which at this point seems somewhat unrelated.

Successful build:
Failed build:

Both based on same commit.

Hi @cem2ran- that’s odd.

Have you already tried the assetBundlePatterns fix that was suggested? I see you commented on the issue, so we’ll (me, you, and Dominik it seems) continue the conversation there.

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