Error creating an AR session with GLView.startARSessionAsync (expo-gl)

  1. SDK Version: expo 47.0.12, expo-gl 12.0.1, expo-three 7.0.0, three 0.149.0
  2. Platforms:Android
  3. Managed workflow. With EAS (npx expo start --dev-client)

I was testing the posibility to build an AR app. I tried this tutorial, but when it creates the AR session with const arSession = await this._glView.startARSessionAsync();, I get the following error:

TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'ExponentGLViewManager.startARSessionAsync')

Is this function only available on iOS?
Am I missing some configuration or some necessary packages to the the camera as background in the GLView?

That tutorial is over 5 years old. There’s been so many changes to all components involved, we couldn’t vouch for it still working.

Your mileage may vary, but it seems like the preeminent AR solution for React Native at this point is Viro Community.

Thanks for the response.
I’ll try Viro. I didn’t try it at first because when I was looking to different posibilities for AR, I look at and got a “Domain not claimed” page.
I knew the tutorial is old (around that time there is a stackoverflow question about this error and the response was that the ARSession of GLView was only availiable on iOS).


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