Entrance Architect - Augmented Reality for Entrance Matting

Hi all,

Today is the release day for our latest version of Entrance Architect, an app which helps with specifying and choosing the correct entrance matting for your building.

This release has a massive new feature ‘Architect Reality’, which brings Augmented Reality to the world of Entrance Matting. Pick a product and you can visualise our entrance matting in your own buildings entrance using your camera.

Other bits from the changelog:

  • Brand NEW Augmented Reality feature, which lets you visualise a range of entrance matting solutions in your own building, simply using the camera of your iPhone or iPad.
  • New app design and layout that makes navigation easier.
  • Live connection to COBA Europe’s website means that you have access to all of the latest product information, case studies and more.

This release is only on iOS currently, due to the nature of the AR feature in Expo, but hopefully we will be able to add it to Android once Expo has been updated :slight_smile:

If you’d like to give the app a try it’s available on the app store and through Expo.

Thanks to all the community help, was really valuable whenever an issue came up!