Entity not authorized

I went from using my own account to using our paid teams account ( by setting owner in app.json ); when publishing.

Before all our testers, PO and QA could access projects published by me, but now, using our team account, they get following error

Entity not authorized:
(viewer = AnonymousViewerContext, action = READ, ruleIndex = -1)

I expected that people who are not logged in, still would be able to access our published projects. Is that wrong?

The privacy is stated as unlisted, “privacy”: “unlisted”,`

even i am getting the same error

How did you fix this error. I’m getting same error.

FYI I reported a similar issue here: Build request failed - CombinedError: [GraphQL] Entity not authorized · Issue #694 · expo/eas-cli · GitHub

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this was an intermittent issue that impacted some bot user tokens and has since been resolved, apologies for the hassle!

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Is it still happening? got the same error today (Admin Bot User).