Entity Not Authorized when running `eas build`

I have been testing with my own personal expo account, and was able to run eas build without issue. However, after logging into our company account via expo login, running the following from the command line:
eas build --profile new --platform all

… results in the following error:

CombinedError: [GraphQL] Entity not authorized: AccountEntity[cd6b1d03-7128-4123-a3eb-779a6c3a3aad]
(viewer = RegularUserViewerContext[06c2af3f-31c7-4f71-80b0-5a64175bc6fb], action = READ, ruleIndex
= -1)

I have checked and am connected to our company VPN when I run the above command.

Do I need to login a different way here in order to have privileges to run a build since this is an expo professional account? I read on another thread that logging in via a token may be required? Please advise.

It looks like you are trying to build a project that is owned by your personal account when you are logged in to a different account that does not have a permissions for it.

You need to either invite your company account to your personal account or remove from app.json projectId(it will generate new one) and change(or add) owner field to the account that is the owner of the project.

Ah, I see. Thanks! I will opt for the second option!