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We have been playing with this platform for a few months now and think its great, one of the most effective tools out there.

Our client would like to use this technology for their customer facing app, but we are facing two issues.

  1. We need to zero rate the pushcode feature. We can see that the updated package comes from AWS Cloudfront CDN’s, but we need to try and find a ip range or static dns to identify and zero rate this traffic.

  2. We need to eject to add native api’s to the app enforced by the group. Seems that we lose the push code magic on eject as well.

We would like your our own infrastructure to accommodate these requirements, and would pay for such support. Would this be possible?


  1. Can you explain what “zero rate” means? I’m sorry but I’m not familiar with the term.
    Right now, we use Amazon’s CDN to host all code for Expo apps. I think it should be possible to figure out what range of IPs are used.

  2. There are two concepts we sometimes talk about when people start a project with CRNA – ejecting and detaching. Ejecting will remove all the Expo APIs etc from a project whereas detaching lets you write native code while keeping the Expo SDK and the OTA code delivery features.

So, if you detach you can write your own native code and also use the Expo code pushing system and the Expo APIs.

If you want to own the infrastructure for code delivery and add a bunch of native code, I think you might have an easier time just building your own stuff and using the React Native library without Expo, but if you want to discuss further, send an email to proservices@expo.io . !

Thanks for the feedback.

Zero rating is a term used in the telecommunications space, whereby the business as the data provider does not bill for the data used for a particular ip address or DNS name.

Thanks for the explanation around ejecting and detaching. As far as possible we would like to detach and add the 5 API’s we need to include.

I will be touch if we need additional assistance.

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