Enabling Optional Expo Modules on iOS (FaceDetector)

I am having a hard time figuring out what the name of the sub spec is that I need to add, below is a quote from the docs. I assume its RCTFaceDetector but I don’t want to mess with the pod file until i now for sure.

If you want to use any of these modules in your Expo iOS app, you need to detach to ExpoKit rather than using exp build. (It's on our roadmap to improve this.) Within your ExpoKit project, you'll need to include the appropriate subspec in your Podfile. By default, none are included.

From the Payments API docs I think you might just need to add a FaceDetector subspec. @ben can you confirm?

@dikaiosune Thanks I got it! by the way I really enjoyed your interview on React Native Radio podcast, super informative!

Thank you!

After I uploaded the new version of my app to iTunes connect I got the error below, the only thing I changed was the face detector pod and my app does not use push notifications. Any idea what happened

Missing Push Notification Entitlement - Your app appears to register with the Apple Push Notification service, but the app signature's entitlements do not include the "aps-environment" entitlement. If your app uses the Apple Push Notification service, make sure your App ID is enabled for Push Notification in the Provisioning Portal, and resubmit after signing your app with a Distribution provisioning profile that includes the "aps-environment" entitlement. Xcode 8 does not automatically copy the aps-environment entitlement from provisioning profiles at build time. This behavior is intentional. To use this entitlement, either enable Push Notifications in the project editor's Capabilities pane, or manually add the entitlement to your entitlements file. For more information, see https://developer.apple.com/library/content/documentation/NetworkingInternet/Conceptual/RemoteNotificationsPG/HandlingRemoteNotifications.html#//apple_ref/doc/uid/TP40008194-CH6-SW1.

Interesting – I’m not sure how that would have changed as a result of adding the FaceDetector supspec. As I understand it this entitlement is required by core ExpoKit, not anything in FaceDetector. Were you able to submit builds successfully before?

I didn’t stop me from loading it just sent me the email warning I guess for submission to the app store I’ll have to make the changes.

For my first build I did not get the warning.

I am very new to this stuff this is my first submission process.

My bad I missed the email the first time, sorry.

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