Enable Mutlidex in Expo Custom Dev Client

Hey everyone,

Our team’s builds started randomly failing the other day ago with this message:

Type com.reactnativegooglesignin.PendingAuthRecovery is defined multiple times: /Users/****/developer/****/android/app/build/intermediates/mixed_scope_dex_archive/debug/out/31df87c7069d8c66bfd8b72232d6a9f45b8ac6a22ada052ae32f00a25a87c02f_4.jar:classes.dex, /Users/****/developer/****/android/app/build/intermediates/mixed_scope_dex_archive/debug/out/98cefa2863a1bf72baba8f64d3f035f3fc2d9fe1ce8f9e92d28d2184b1502977_4.jar:classes.dex```

I really haven't found a great solution, but we use the React Native Firebase Library and they have this page that seems to be related: https://rnfirebase.io/enabling-multidex.

But doing that requires modifying build folders which I know is against the coding philosophy of the custom dev clients and Expo. Has anyone seen this before? Is there a setting I'm missing? Or perhaps a config plugin? Thanks for any help. We're completely stumped! And before you suggest it we have quadruple checked to make sure that package isn't installed more than once in our project :)