Enable Google Location Service by clicking

i wish set location device data pushing an app button.

So i want a popup like this one:

Ok click set “device enable location service” on enabled.

Now i know only how redirect the user on gps setting page with this IntentLauncherAndroid.

Any Idea?


Hey @cklinx,

I’m not entirely clear about what you’re asking, but I’ll give it my best shot. You’ll likely want to use a modal to create the component like the one you posted in here. Then, like you mentioned, use IntentLauncherAndroid to redirect the user to the Location Settings page if they tap “OK” .



Hi @adamjnav,
thanks for your answed but what i want is set to “enable” the GPS setting without redirect the user.

He should click “ok” on modal and my app must enable the gps device.


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