Emoji in push notifications

When I try to send emojis in the title or message I just get a ? on my phone
this is part of my payload
{“to” : “ExponentPushToken[ABC]”,“body”:“Dan5555 P. canceled test cancel3 on (08/15) :slightly_frowning_face:”,“title”:“test cancel3 was deleted”,“badge”:103}}

how I send a emoji or :slightly_frowning:

in the payload of the push notifications?

Hey @dan.y2fl,

I just tested this with our Push Notification tool and I’m able to see the emoji in the push notification. https://expo.io/dashboard/notifications

Is it possible the device your targeting isn’t able to recognize the emoji? I sent the test notification to an iPhone 7 running the latest iOS version.



Ah, always forget about the push tool, thanks. Problem was with the C# call I didn’t add:
client.Encoding = System.Text.Encoding.UTF8;

I created a fork and added more of my code to the simple C# example

Also I updated with a comment to:

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