Elements get visually bigger in build on iPhone Xs Max

I just downloaded a build of my app through TestFlight to my iPhone Xs Max, and the size of all my elements changes significantly from when I’m running it via the Expo app on the same phone. Take a look at the screenshot:

The app on the left is the downloaded build, and the right is running it via the Expo app. I want to make sure that what I’m seeing as I’m writing the code is what gets deployed. Any idea why the dimensions are changing?

Hey @cambaughn,
I’ve just tried doing expo init with the tabs project and then expo build:ios -t simulator - the results on iPhone Xs Max simulator are as expected. See my screenshot:

So maybe the problem is somewhere in your JS code?

It must be something in the JavaScript code, but I’m not sure what would be doing that, where it’s not scaling up individual elements, but the app as a whole. It’s especially confusing that it works just fine running via Expo for development, but has weird scaling after the build.

Any ideas on what could be causing that difference after building it? Theoretically nothing should be different, right? It’s got me stumped!

Hey @tsapeta ,
I did some more testing today. When I’m running via expo start, the sizing is as expected on both the device (via expo app) and on the ios simulator.

However, after the build is when I encounter the problem (again, both on the simulator and on the device). Nothing should really be different after the build in terms of visual sizing of the entire app, right?

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