Ejected app publish is ignored

Hello there,

We have our freshly ejected app running on testflight.

We edited /ios/chefclub/Supporting/EXShell.plist to target our releaseChannel foobar. We then run expo publish on this channel.

The previous commands updates /ios/chefclub/Supporting/shell-app-manifest.json which is used by Xcode when building the app ipa archive.

Our understanding is that the IPA also carries the js bundle.

Now, if we update our code and publish on foobar channel then restart the app, the fresh bundle is never downloaded by the iOS App

Could it be an issue with manifestUrl in EXShell.plist ?



Are there any hooks on this initial bundle js download flow so that we can see where it fails.

My bad the manifestUrl has a user != than the expo account.

It does work!

Glad you got it sorted, @chefclub!