Editing AndroidManifest.xml with NOT detached app


I have ejected (NOT detached) application. In order to open my application on certain link browsed i am editing AndroidManifest.xml. Having added my intent-filer`s i am running “exp build:android”. Once apk is built i cant make it react on desired links browsed.

Does it make any sense to edit AndroidManifest.xml when building with expo or it gonna be anyway overridden?

ADD: Ok, i guess i misunderstood detach nature. So the question is afterall - Is there some way to setup intent filters with Expo configuration?

Eject and detach are the same thing. When you’re detached you can’t use exp build anymore.

Yes you can edit AndroidManifest.xml when you’re detached. If you’re trying to add an intent-filter to match a specific uri scheme you can use this key https://docs.expo.io/versions/latest/guides/linking.html#in-a-standalone-app without detaching. If you’re trying to match a more complicated uri then you’re correct that you’ll need to detach.

Why woud not you put more complex filters into Expo config than just uri schema? That would make things much more simpler.

Having filters mapping on schema im facing an issue on web where some browsers would throw and exceptions when i try to redirect them to myapp:// …

Just haven’t done it yet! Feel free to send a PR