Editing Android Manifest

Is there still no way to edit the Android manifest inside an expo project?

I’m trying to use
this.watchID = navigator.geolocation.watchPosition()

To continually get the users location, and I need to edit the Android manifest to:

Any way to get around this without detaching?


You can’t edit the manifest without ejecting but you don’t need to in general.

Here are the docs for doing location stuff in Expo.


There isn’t a way to do background location yet in Expo but we’re working on it. In the meantime you need to eject if you need that.

I’ll give that a shot! Thanks @ccheever

Ah, I figured it out. Bug on my side.

I wasn’t calling the API correctly. getCurrentPosition returns a promise, watchPositionAsync uses a callback. I was using promises on both.

Thanks for you help!

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