EAS update with Priority Plan

Our project:
Managed workflow
eas-cli: 0.52.0
Priority plan (2021)

We’re converting our classic build over to an EAS build. I’ve followed the migration guide and the EAS build process seems to work fine. However now that the builds are working I’m trying to migrate our scripts that publish updates (moving from “expo publish” to “eas update”).

We have the “Priority Plan (2021)” which according to the documentation I thought had preview access to EAS updates. However when I attempt to ran an EAS update to our fresh EAS builds I receive the error:

:heavy_check_mark: Built bundle!
:heavy_check_mark: Uploaded assets!
:heavy_multiplication_x: Failed to published updates
CombinedError: [GraphQL] EAS Update is not yet publicly available.

Then when I try to use the classic publish command I get:

It seems like your project is configured for EAS Update. Please use ‘eas update’ instead.

Can you please clarify whether EAS update (preview) is available to the paid Priority Plan such as ours? If not then when will it be available to test and evaluate the migration to EAS.

Thanks in advance

Hey @qsuper, EAS Update is only available for the Production and Enterprise plans. We will be rolling out support to the Priority plans eventually but we don’t have an exact date set.

Could you point me to where in the docs you read otherwise? We may need to correct them.


Your pricing page says that EAS Update is supported on the free plan, we have just updated our app and are no longer able to use expo publish, this is really unprofessional from your side, when will updates be supported for free accounts?

Thanks @adamjnav it seems you were correct. After reviewing the docs it seems that EAS update was only available to new paid plans but was soon to be available to the legacy “Priority Plans” like ours. I can see that in the Expo SDK 45 blog it now states that EAS update is now available to legacy paid plans, so we’ll give it another try in the coming days. Thanks again for your help and for responding so quickly.

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