EAS update updates to channel don't show up in app

I’m creating a build of my app on EAS that is connected to the channel staging. I run eas update --branch test to update to a branch, which is linked to the staging channel by running eas channel:edit staging --branch test. All commands run successfully. However, when I restart the app (multiple times), the changes that I had released via eas update are not visible in the app.

This happens for iOS, I haven’t tried Android yet.

When I run eas channel:view staging, only the Android update shows up there and I can’t see the iOS update.

I’m on the managed workflow with EAS CLI version eas-cli/0.46.0 darwin-x64 node-v14.18.0

I’m pretty sure I had updates to a channel working in the past, but it somehow stopped working recently and I don’t know why. I’ve changed quite a lot to set up different environments (dev, staging, production). For example, I now set the bundleIdentifier on the app differently, depending on the environment. Could that have something to do with it?

I’ve also configured my app to automatically set up the runtimeVersion from the native build version. I made sure to run eas update with a compatible runtimeVersion

Ok, I’ve been continuing to dig deeper. To make it easier to debug I switched to manual updates as described here: Configuring Updates - Expo Documentation

I’ve also set up a proxy so that I can monitor all network traffic of the app installed on my phone. I can see that upon execution of Updates.checkForUpdateAsync() the app gets the Manifest of the latest update and when I call Updates.fetchUpdateAsync() I can see on the network that the new javascript bundle gets downloaded. I also inspected this JS bundle and saw that the change (a small copy change to a screen) is in there. Then I call await Updates.reloadAsync() and the app reloads as expected. But the change that came with the new bundle is not visible in the app!!! How can that be?

When I call await Updates.checkForUpdateAsync() again, it shows that there is no new update available. So it looks like the previous one got applied. But the changes are not visible in the app. Even not when closing and re-opening the app.

And I solved it, we can close this issue. The update was unnecessary and really dumb. I was looking at the wrong screen, waiting for the update :person_facepalming:t2:

During the original post something was actually not working, but I tried so many things today that I can’t tell anymore what I did to fix it.

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