EAS Update - Is it possible to create a new branch without creating a channel at the same time

When using eas update --auto or creating a new branch with eas branch:create, it is creating a new channel if the git branch or the branch name are different than any existing channel.

And since there is no way to delete a channel, this can become very messy, very quickly, in particular if you try to build a preview of every pull request for instance.

Is it possible to create a branch that is not pointing to any channel ?

I am using eas-cli 0.55.1

Thank you.

Thanks for reporting this. I made a task for us to allow running eas update without creating a corresponding channel. We are currently working on a lot of DX improvements and now this is on the list.

In the meantime, you can manually delete branches with eas channel:delete [channel-name].

Thank you! Yes, I can use this for now.
Is there a reason why it’s not documented with eas channel -h?

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