EAS Update hangs on bundling application

When attempting to create a new update using the command:
eas update --branch <name> -p ios
execution stalls at the stage “Building bundle…”.

The command has done this from the beginning, although it has produced two updates successfully. There is so little information to go on that it is making this very difficult to diagnose. I do know that when checking activity monitor that there a several node processes started by this command, which is expected, but two of them shoot to 100% CPU utilization and stay that way until they are terminated manually; they do not close when aborting the command.

Relevant information:

  • OS: macOS 12.6.1
  • Workflow is managed
  • eas-cli: 2.6.0
  • expo-sdk: 46.0.16
  • Node: 16.14.0