EAS Update erases built-in environment variables EAS_BUILD_PROFILE

Bare Work Flow
Eas Cli 0.48.2

When running an EAS Build eas build --profile preview --platform ios

I am able to access EAS_BUILD_PROFILE in my JS

Next I perform an OTA update eas update --branch preview --message "ota update"

Now process.env.EAS_BUILD_PROFILE is undefined breaking the App for my users

eas.json is here

“cli”: {
“version”: “>= 0.34.1”
“build”: {
“development”: {
“developmentClient”: true,
“distribution”: “internal”,
“channel”: “development”
“preview”: {
“distribution”: “internal”,
“channel”: “preview”,
“ios”: {
“simulator”: true
“production”: {
“channel”: “production”
“submit”: {
“production”: {}

any help would be greatly appreciated.