'eas update' documentation contradictory

I just updated my projects expo sdk version from 44 to 45.
A big new feature is the use of ‘eas update’.
In the documentation it is explained how to continue to use env variables, since the release channels are no longer exposed.

here is described: “Remove any code that references Constants.manifest. That will now always return null.” but here it is described how to get the env variables from eas.json using Constants.manifest (which is not working).

I couldn’t yet figure out a way to retreive the env variables of eas.json.
I tried setting the ‘env’ field in the build config of eas.json and retreive the value inside the app.config.json file under expo.extra.eas using process.env, but that doesnt seem to work (I know in dev its not supposed to work, but it also doesnt work in a non-dev build)

  • using managed workflow
  • eas-cli -v0.55.1