Eas update --branch

What profile is used when I run eas update --branch=“” ? It seems like it is using my production profile.

there are no update profiles, only build and submit profiles. so, it does not use any profile.

Hi @paribaker

As notbrent said updates are not linked to profiles. But in the build profile you will have specified a channel, and by default a branch is linked to a channel with the same name.

You can try running eas branch:list and eas channel:list to get info about the channels and branches. See also:

% eas channel --help
manage update channels

  $ eas channel:COMMAND

  channel:create  create a channel
  channel:edit    point a channel at a new branch
  channel:list    list all channels
  channel:view    view a channel

% eas branch --help
manage update branches

  $ eas branch:COMMAND

  branch:create  create a branch
  branch:delete  delete a branch
  branch:list    list all branches
  branch:rename  rename a branch
  branch:view    view a branch

This command to reformat the output of eas channel:list might be helpful:

eas channel:list | awk '$1 == "Name" { channel = $2 } $1 == "Branch" { printf "Channel: %-20s Branch: %s\n", channel, $2 }'

Thank you both for your prompt response. The problem im trying to solve is with .env.variables, I’ll try again with the info you have provided!