EAS submit regression (?)

My CI workflow is like this (github actions):

  1. Run expo build:ios
  2. Extract the artifact url from the build log:
    egrep -o 'https?://expo\.dev/artifacts/[^ ]+'
  3. Pass the artifact url to eas submit with --url https://expo.dev/artifacts/<artifact_id>

This worked until about 2 weeks ago but now the release is failing because the link no longer resolves to an ipa file.

[logs] Starting iOS app upload
[logs] fastlane pilot failed
[logs] Downloading archive
[logs] Preparing artifact
[logs] Uploading iOS app to TestFlight...
[logs] Uploading the app with fastlane
[logs] Error setting value '/var/folders/97/73j93h690g9gdn54bh_zskm40000gn/T/submissions/9a8b8f72-12ff-4e26-8264-30478e331cd6//<artifact_id>' for option 'ipa'
[logs] You passed invalid parameters to 'pilot'.
[logs] Check out the error below and available options by running `fastlane action pilot`
[logs] [!] '/var/folders/97/73j93h690g9gdn54bh_zskm40000gn/T/submissions/9a8b8f72-12ff-4e26-8264-30478e331cd6/<artifact_id>' doesn't seem to be an ipa file

Is there a recommended workaround for this - other than migrating to eas build?

Hi! Thanks for reporting. This was indeed a regression. We’ve just deployed a fix for this issue. Could you please verify it’s working for you again?

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Great, cheers - that’s all working now. Thank you for the quick response, really encouraging

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