`eas submit --platform android` failes with `For uploading an AppBundle you must be enrolled in Play Signing.`

I’m using the managed workflow with eas cli 0.33.1. I recently moved from the old expo workflow to eas.

When I try to submit I get the error For uploading an AppBundle you must be enrolled in Play Signing..
I’ve found hints explaining that I can opt in to this when I first submit an app, but this is an existing app, so how to I enroll in Play Signing with an existing app? Do I download my creditials store and do something with it? It’s not clear, and I’m worried I’m going to break something if I just mess around.

I saw mention of expo opt-in-google-play-signing but this doesn’t seem to exist in the latest expo cli.

We removed that command because there was a significant amount of users that tried to run it even though they didn’t have to and as result deleted their credentials and had to contact google support to reset them.

To not be opt-in into play signing your app would have to be at least 4-5 years old (or you explicitly opted in when creating that app). Is that the case here?

To migrate you will need the keystore that was used for previous submits and you need to follow instructions from play console. I don’t have any apps in that state to check where exactly it is, but it should be in SetupApp integrity. Basically, they will want you to extract a private key from keystore, encrypt it with their key(they provide a tool for that), and upload it to play console

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I think it’s about 3 years old, definitely wasn’t opted in to play signing.
I did what you described, what i’d guessed at in my initial question, and downloaded the store from expo, extracted the key, signed it as per the play signing setup, uploaded it, and everything is good again, i can now push from eas.
thanks for the help!


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