eas submit -p ios confusion

I’ve submited number of versions already to testflight, so far they’ve been with the 0.0.x nubmer scheme. Everything works fine.

Now my app got approved, using version 0.0.7 and it seems I can’t upload more binaries in testflight with 0.0.7, regardless of the buildNumber?

Do I get this right? How do you handle maintenance w.r.t. versioning of submitted & approved apps?

version is an user-facing value, and buildNumber is only visible to you so it’s best to bump build number any time you are submiting to tesflight or even every time you build (checkout version managment with EAS App version management - Expo Documentation) and bump version when you release a new version.

If the app version is increased each time, I have to wait for review several hours. Bumping up the buildNumber is way more comfortable while developing and testing