eas secret:create usage

I’m trying to create EAS Secret from command line like this:

eas secret:create --name=NAME --value=somevalue

It seems it doesn’t work with this syntax, because I get the following error:

✔ Linked to project @...
CombinedError: [GraphQL] Not authorized.

Could you please help how I can make it work? Thanks!

do you have permissions on this project? if there is an “owner” field in the app.json you need to be signed in to an account in eas-cli that is in the same organization/team as the owner

Yes, I have the owner field in my app.config.js, and I’m signing in with an EXPO_TOKEN in the same organization. I can run eas build successfully, so I don’t think there’s an issue with my permissions.

Anybody who has any idea what can be the problem?

so the token corresponds to a user that is part of the organization? and what role does the user have in the org?

The token corresponds to a bot user which is part of an organization. I set the same organization in the app.config.js. I checked the role of the bot user, it was Developer, I changed it to Admin now, but the issue is the same.

are you able to run eas build with that token? also, just to make sure we have covered this - are you using the latest version of eas-cli?

Yes, I can run eas build successfully with this token as I’ve already mentioned this above, and I use the latest eas-cli (eas-cli@0.14.1)

could you possibly share your account and organization names with secure@expo.io and link to this thread? we can continue investigation there