EAS Local Build stopped working

Still trying to diagnose this but posting to see if there’s an existing solution that I may be missing.

eas-cli/3.1.1 linux-x64 node-v16.18.1
expo 6.1.0
managed workflow

I am getting this on Android

[PREPARE_CREDENTIALS] Injecting signing config into build.gradle
Error: Failed to find 'build.gradle' file for project: /home/vsts/work/_temp/61201/build/android/app.
    at getGradleFilePath (/home/vsts/work/1/.nvm/versions/node/v16.18.1/lib/node_modules/eas-cli-local-build-plugin/node_modules/@expo/config-plugins/build/android/Paths.js:141:11)
    at Object.getAppBuildGradleFilePath (/home/vsts/work/1/.nvm/versions/node/v16.18.1/lib/node_modules/eas-cli-local-build-plugin/node_modules/@expo/config-plugins/build/android/Paths.js:165:10)
    at addApplyToBuildGradle (/home/vsts/work/1/.nvm/versions/node/v16.18.1/lib/node_modules/eas-cli-local-build-plugin/node_modules/@expo/build-tools/dist/android/gradleConfig.js:35:66)
    at configureBuildGradle (/home/vsts/work/1/.nvm/versions/node/v16.18.1/lib/node_modules/eas-cli-local-build-plugin/node_modules/@expo/build-tools/dist/android/gradleConfig.js:20:11)
    at async /home/vsts/work/1/.nvm/versions/node/v16.18.1/lib/node_modules/eas-cli-local-build-plugin/node_modules/@expo/build-tools/dist/builders/android.js:44:13
    at async BuildContext.runBuildPhase (/home/vsts/work/1/.nvm/versions/node/v16.18.1/lib/node_modules/eas-cli-local-build-plugin/node_modules/@expo/build-tools/dist/context.js:72:28)
    at async buildAsync (/home/vsts/work/1/.nvm/versions/node/v16.18.1/lib/node_modules/eas-cli-local-build-plugin/node_modules/@expo/build-tools/dist/builders/android.js:42:9)
    at async runBuilderWithHooksAsync (/home/vsts/work/1/.nvm/versions/node/v16.18.1/lib/node_modules/eas-cli-local-build-plugin/node_modules/@expo/build-tools/dist/builders/common.js:13:13)
    at async Object.androidBuilder (/home/vsts/work/1/.nvm/versions/node/v16.18.1/lib/node_modules/eas-cli-local-build-plugin/node_modules/@expo/build-tools/dist/builders/android.js:15:12)
    at async buildAndroidAsync (/home/vsts/work/1/.nvm/versions/node/v16.18.1/lib/node_modules/eas-cli-local-build-plugin/dist/android.js:62:12)

Build failed

For iOS (macos-12)

[PREBUILD] yarn run v1.22.19
[PREBUILD] $ /Users/runner/work/_temp/61201/build/node_modules/.bin/expo prebuild --no-install --platform ios
[PREBUILD] - Creating native project directories (./ios and ./android) and updating .gitignore
[PREBUILD] Unexpected end of JSON input
[PREBUILD] - Creating native project directories (./ios and ./android) and updating .gitignore
[PREBUILD] ✖ Failed to create the native project.
[PREBUILD] You may want to delete the `./ios` and/or `./android` directories before trying again.
[PREBUILD] Done in 3.29s.
[PREBUILD] Running "yarn install" in the root dir of your repository 
[PREBUILD] yarn install v1.22.19
[PREBUILD] [1/4] Resolving packages...
[PREBUILD] success Already up-to-date.
[PREBUILD] $ husky install || true
[PREBUILD] fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git
[PREBUILD] Done in 2.26s.
Error: spawn pod ENOENT

Unfortunately this is the corporate project so I can’t show the code unlike my PoC

The key problem I can tell is

[PREBUILD] Unexpected end of JSON input

but the thing is which JSON file is it failing on?

you have ios/android directories committed to git, and they are invalid

Just checked it’s not.

Just checking the relevant parts of the folder is

drwxr-xr-x     3 trajano  staff      96 21 Oct  2021 __tests__
drwxr-xr-x     3 trajano  staff      96 22 May  2022 api-models
-rw-r--r--     1 trajano  staff     101 25 Jul 20:01 index.js
-rw-r--r--     1 trajano  staff     971  9 Jun  2022 jest.config.js

so nothing ios and android

another possibility is it looks like you may have a config plugin that is not working as expected. try getting prebuild running locally for your project. use DEBUG=* npx expo prebuild to debug it

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thanks that’s what I was looking for.

Its downloading from our private repo proxy

- Creating native project directories (./ios and ./android) and updating .gitignore
  expo:utils:npm Run: npm view expo-template-bare-minimum@sdk-47 dist.tarball --json +0ms
  expo:utils:npm Fetch from URL: https://repo.xxx.com/repository/npm/expo-template-bare-minimum/-/expo-template-bare-minimum-47.0.21.tgz +1ms
  expo:api:fetch:base fetch: https://repo.xxx.com/repository/npm/expo-template-bare-minimum/-/expo-template-bare-minimum-47.0.21.tgz +0ms
Unexpected end of JSON input

removing it makes it go further…

  expo:utils:npm Run: npm view expo-template-bare-minimum@sdk-47 dist.tarball --json +0ms
  expo:utils:npm Fetch from URL: https://registry.npmjs.org/expo-template-bare-minimum/-/expo-template-bare-minimum-47.0.21.tgz +1ms
  expo:prebuild:copyTemplateFiles Files to copy: [ 'android', 'ios' ] +0ms

but that seemed odd because that wasn’t changed

curl -user ...   https://repo.xxx.com/repository/npm/expo-template-bare-minimum/-/expo-template-bare-minimum-47.0.21.tgz  | shasum
604a40e4b6445de4e1eb1aeb6ea6e1c34ce8bc7d  -

curl https://registry.npmjs.org/expo-template-bare-minimum/-/expo-template-bare-minimum-47.0.21.tgz  | shasum
604a40e4b6445de4e1eb1aeb6ea6e1c34ce8bc7d  -

Downloading the file yield the same SHASUM so there’s something else I am missing I think

I am wondering if it is


Where does it get the authentication? Did it change?

I modified the expo/wrapFetchWithBaseUrl.ts at main · expo/expo (github.com) so it outputs the init value and it looks like it’s sending a Bearer token rather than Basic auth. Passing the bearer token to curl just gives 401 which is probably why it’s failing.

I did an npm login and re-entered my credentials no luck

delving further it seems it is using the bearer token for EXPO rather than the one from my repo.

I tried to lock the version to @expo/cli@0.4.6 which was before it and the prebuild basically ignores the @expo/cli folder

I tried to downgrade local expo to @47 it seems to be passing that bearer token still so it may be something else

I determined that eas-cli and expo on the global was updated to the latest. I locked them to the following to match my last working build

        - expo-cli@6.0.0
        - sharp-cli
        - eas-cli@0.55.1
        - eas-cli-local-build-plugin

So far so good

My suspicion so far is somewhere between these version and the current version there was a change to the @expo/cli … npm.js code to make it emulate npm to download the files but it does it incorrectly when it came to the authentication tokens. Perhaps the older version relied on npm itself or their libraries rather than doing the fetch manually. Mind you this is just a guess I can’t confirm if that is the case or not.

Locally I uninstalled expo-cli globally and installed eas-cli@0.55 and eas-cli-local-build-plugin@latest.

The prebuild still fails. but if I run the eas build locally it completes successfully.

Uninstall eas-cli-local-build-plugin. I was told ages ago that it is no longer needed

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Curious to know if this fixed the issue @trajano

I hadn’t tested @wodin solution, our builds are pretty slow and it’s gotten back to a working state again by locking to eas-cli@0.55 as a bonus it can autodetect the EAS Application ID which was needed in newer versions.

Since i have a single code base for multiple apps this was a convenient feature since developers can have their own EAS builds without being associated with the build server’s account. Having that eas application ID meant that the developer had to modify the application.config.js to contain the specific value for his account when they wanted to experiment on their own dev client.

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