EAS "latest" image Xcode version out of date


First of all thank you for making Expo, this is a real game-changer.

I am using bare workflow with eas-cli@0.48.0. After updating one of my libraries (realm@10.20.0-beta3), I encountered this error on eas build:

ld: could not reparse object file in bitcode bundle: 'Invalid bitcode version (Producer: '1316.' Reader: '1300.0.29.30_0')', using libLTO version 'LLVM version 13.0.0, (clang-1300.0.29.30)' for architecture arm64

After some research it seems like the library maintainers built this latest version on the latest release of Xcode 13.3, which has a new bitcode version that is incompatible to the one on EAS. When will this image be updated?

Thank you!

Hello, I am still getting this error and this is preventing from releasing new builds with the latest dependencies.

Creating and maintaining new Xcode versions have significant overhead, so we do not support all of them. In this case, we will likely add xcode 13.3 image, but it’s not sth we are planning to do for all xcode versions.

one way to resolve this for now is to disable bitcode: app.json / app.config.js - Expo Documentation

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Is there a timeline for this? Otherwise we might just resort to disabling bitcode for now.