eas.json mandatory


I have been using expo:upload to upload to Google Play Store and is now trying to migrate to use eas submit.

According to the documentation the eas.json is not needed as long as you specify enough parameters to eas submit, however no matter what I do, eas submit complaints about missing eas.json.

Refer to: Configuring EAS Submit with eas.json - Expo Documentation " Even though eas.json is not mandatory for using EAS Submit…"

Command: eas submit -p android --profile=production --path=

Cli Response: “Error: eas.json could not be found at . Learn more at https://expo.fyi/eas-json”.

Running “eas --help submit” returns that the following flags are available:
-p, --platform=(android|ios|all)
–id= ID of the build to submit
–latest Submit the latest build for specified platform
–non-interactive Run command in non-interactive mode
–path= Path to the .apk/.aab/.ipa file
–profile= Name of the submit profile from eas.json. Defaults to “production” if defined in eas.json.
–url= App archive url
–verbose Always print logs from Submission Service
–[no-]wait Wait for submission to complete

Have tried multiple, but it doesn’t seem to help until i add the eas.json - something I really want to avoid as I’m running a build server that calls simple commands.

Any idea what’s missing here?

Hey @jtjlabs, can you let me know what version of eas-cli you are running?