EAS iOS outage fix

When will the iOS outages be fixed?

Hi @hawaiidev

Apparently App Store Connect was undergoing maintenance and they later reported that the maintenance was done: Expo Status - EAS Submit for iOS and other services related to iOS credentials are unavailable during App Store Connect maintenance

Since then there have still apparently been reports of messages about maintenance: Expo Status - Accessing iOS credentials and App Store entries may report the App Store portal is under maintenance

This seems to be something on Apple’s side.

But if you have any more information about what you’re seeing, maybe post it here, or else contact the Expo Team at https://expo.dev/contact

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We are seeing the same thing. We reached out to Apple and they said everything is fine on there end and since expo is a 3rd party tool, they can’t help.

running eas-cli credentials

results in

:heavy_check_mark: Logged in New session
Authentication with Apple Developer Portal failed!
Apple provided the following error info:
Service not available because of maintenance activities, please try again after some time.
Error: credentials command failed.


Apparently Apple changed some services which impacted EAS Build. Apparently the Expo team is busy testing a fix which should be released soon as eas-cli@3.9.1


Thanks for the update @wodin. I was able to upgrade to eas-cli@3.9.1 and the build appears to be running now. Appreciate your help!


Spoke too soon. The build runs but isn’t able to complete and fails with the following error:

:apple: iOS build failed:
The “Run fastlane” step failed with an unknown error. Refer to the “Xcode logs” phase for additional, more detailed logs
error Command failed with exit code 1.

From looking at the logs, it mentions react-native-gesture-handler:

:x: Metro encountered an error:
node_modules/react-native-gesture-handler/src/handlers/gestures/GestureDetector.tsx: /Users/expo/workingdir/build/node_modules/react-native-gesture-handler/src/handlers/gestures/GestureDetector.tsx: /Users/expo/workingdir/build/node_modules/react-native-gesture-handler/src/handlers/gestures/GestureDetector.tsx: helperSkipTransparentExpressionWrappers.skipTransparentExprWrapperNodes is not a function
Learn more: Troubleshooting build errors and crashes - Expo Documentation

Interestingly, I also tried building Android and that seems to be failing as well and also mentions the same thing. Maybe the iOS app store authentication error was just a red herring? Relevant part of the EAS build logs for Android:

788 [stderr]
Error: @build-script-error-begin
789 [stderr]
Error loading assets JSON from Metro. Ensure you’ve followed all expo-updates installation steps correctly. node_modules/react-native-gesture-handler/src/handlers/gestures/GestureDetector.tsx: /home/expo/workingdir/build/node_modules/react-native-gesture-handler/src/handlers/gestures/GestureDetector.tsx: /home/expo/workingdir/build/node_modules/react-native-gesture-handler/src/handlers/gestures/GestureDetector.tsx: helperSkipTransparentExpressionWrappers.skipTransparentExprWrapperNodes is not a function
790 [stderr]
at /home/expo/workingdir/build/node_modules/expo-updates/scripts/createManifest.js:59:11
at processTicksAndRejections (node:internal/process/task_queues:96:5)

I upgraded react-native-gesture-handler before I ran my last successful build (mid-March), so I was able to successfully run an EAS build before. I ran npx expo export and the Javascript was able to bundle locally with no errors as well.

Any ideas?

You had two separate issues. What you’re seeing now is unrelated to the App Store problems. Would be better if you started a new thread for this, but check the troubleshooting build errors and crashes document from the error message.

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