EAS iOS Builds failing - Starting from Xcode 14....

Hey Folks, in the last few days, our iOS builds have begun failing with the following error:

๐ŸŽ iOS build failed:

Starting from Xcode 14, resource bundles are signed by default, which requires setting the development team for each resource bundle target.

To resolve this issue, downgrade to an older Xcode version using the "image" field in eas.json, or upgrade to SDK 46 or higher.

Learn more: https://docs.expo.dev/build-reference/infrastructure/#ios-build-server-configurations

The builds even fail if we specify "image": "macos-monterey-12.4-xcode-13.4" in our eas.json ios configuration?

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any suggestions on how to debug this?

which sdk version is your project using? what error do you see when you use an older xcode version?

Dang it, Brent, sorry. We had a misconfiguration in our app.config.js which was overwriting ios.image as โ€˜latestโ€™. Specifying ios.image = โ€˜defaultโ€™ or โ€˜macos-monterey-12.3-xcode-13.3โ€™ does in fact work. Just successfully built with both once I sorted the misconfiguration issue.

We are still on SDK44. (Upgrading to SDK46 broke our test suite, so we are still working through that update.)


Hi, how did you solve the issue? Iโ€™m having the same problem

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Resolution is described in the error message, either use image with older xcode version or apply the fix for xcode 14

  • for managed fix is to upgrade to SDK 46.
  • for bare link to the example fix is in the error message.