EAS iOS Build hangs on generate app manifest


after trying to get the build working for a few days, I am now stuck with the same issue that was posted here.

Android works fine, just iOS hangs at

Executing expo-updates Pods/EXUpdates » [CP-User] Generate app.manifest for expo-updates

until the timeout.

I am using SDK 48, and the M1 runner on EAS. The app is deployed from within a pnpm monorepo.

I ran the bundle analyzer an found nothing out of the ordinary.

Since it’s a timeout it doesn’t give me any info on what might be wrong and I am thankful for every hint.


Hi! Did you ever find a solution to this?

Yesterday I had no issues, but today this started happening to me too. I noticed EAS quietly updated the build environment image yesterday (new cocoapods version to fix another unrelated issue), so maybe they’re still tweaking it and this broke in the process…

Not sure if related but after I changed babel version to @babel/core@7.20.12 its working here

I am experiencing this as well, even if I use this version of babel/core or greater.

My apps with expo updates installed only build normally using intel based runners on EAS.

Since expo is sunsetting the intel based runners soon, this will become a problem for me.

Do you guys have any other clue on how to solve this?

are you using tamagui in your app? i’ve seen this happen when the tamagui compiler is enabled. you may want to try disabling the compiler.


Thanks a lot for the clue! Yes, I am indeed using it.

I will give it a try removing the compiler, and will reply again soon.

Removing the highlighted lines worked flawlessly!

Thanks a lot! :grin:

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