EAS ios build fails with 403 error code

I am trying to create adhoc build for ios using EAS. I am a part of University/educational developer program. My account holder says that all legal agreements are already accepted. It is not possible to release apps for AppStore using that program.
Is it possible to create builds for adhoc distribution using the University/educational program??
Full error log below:

Failed to register bundle identifier long.term.study
Error: Apple 403 detected - Access forbidden.
This request is forbidden for security reasons - You are not allowed to perform this operation.  Please check with one of your Team Admins, or, if you need further assistance, please contact Apple Developer Program Support. https://developer.apple.com/support

eas version: eas-cli/0.45.1 win32-x64 node-v14.17.0
bare or managed: I am using managed workflow

it looks like your account may not have sufficient access rights. are you the admin of the team or just a member?

I was an admin but it wasn’t working. It turned out that university program does not allow for adhoc distribution or releaseing apps to AppStore. It is only possible to share apps inside the university program members through email or private website.