EAS Error even i have the Priority plan

I trying to use EAS to build my app in ios and andriod and i did buy the plan a few hours ago and still asking me to enroll.
Your account doesn’t have access to Expo Application Services (EAS) features. Enroll in EAS to give it a try: Expo Application Services (EAS)
I did close VSCode, and refresh everything and still doing the same. Somebody can help me or have any idea

Priority plan is tied to owner of the app, so if you are building app where owner field points to different user or organization then that account have to be on priority plan not your personal account. Is that a case for you?

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Yes, i think is my case, i now check and i feel you right, check the image and see. i gonna change that now. i show with a arrow where i have my builds

Yes, that was the problem. Its building already. Thanks a Lot

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