EAS: Entrypoint build failure on iOS

I’m on the managed workflow. Recently migrated from expo build to EAS build and builds are working on Android but not iOS. iOS fails on the “Run fastlane” step, resulting in some Xcode logs.

In the Xcode logs, I found the following error:

Error: @build-script-error-begin
Error loading application entrypoint. If your entrypoint is not index.js, please set ENTRY_FILE environment variable with your app entrypoint.

However my project’s entrypoint is index.js. And given that the Android build works fine, I’m not sure why iOS is failing. Any ideas as to what could be going wrong?

is it possible that you still have a different entry point in your package.json?

If you provide a link to the failing build, we can take a closer look and possibly suggest further troubleshooting steps.

I do have the following line in my package.json:

"main": "src/index.js",

Do I need to move index.js out of src/ ?

Here is a link to the failing build on iOS: Build Details — 9d210423-4fe9-43cf-9082-dd7bbd7d3650 — coin-tracker — Expo

And the corresponding successful build on Android: Build Details — c388cc67-712f-45b0-94ce-197431bc1a63 — coin-tracker — Expo

Yes, it should be:

"main": "index.js",