eas device:create for IOS Simulator

I am trying to register an IOS simulator on a managed workflow using eas device:create and going via the website route…

I download and install the profile on my simulator but when it launches the web browser i get this screen…

I also went down the route of manually registering the UDID of the device via the eas-cli…

xcrun simctl list 'devices' 'booted'
== Devices ==
-- iOS 12.2 --
-- iOS 14.0 --
    iPhone 11 Pro Max (1E628CFB-47F9-4504-802E-6F98B864C1BB) (Booted)
-- tvOS 14.0 --
-- watchOS 7.0 --

Now i am assuming 1E628CFB-47F9-4504-802E-6F98B864C1BB is the UDID but it’s 36 characters long and when i copy it in to the field i get :

✔ How would you like to register your devices? › Input - allows you to type in UDIDs (advanced option)

This is an advanced option. Use at your own risk.

? UDID: › 1E628CFB-47F9-4504-802E-6F98B864C1BB
› UDID should be a 25 or 40-character string

Whats going on here? I’ve seen examples on youtube of people using dev-clients on a simulator and at the moment i have to use my real-device which is a bit annoying, especially when pair programming on zoom or something like that.

I have also tried using udid.tech to get a valid UDID for my simulator which seemed to register fine but then i after doing a dev-client build and pressing ‘install’ on the website, it’s nowhere to be seen on my home screen although the toast that pops up says to check out my homescreen :confused:

eas --version
eas-cli/0.52.0 darwin-x64 node-v14.17.0

you will need to compile the app differently for simulator than for a physical device. you can learn about building for ios simulators here Building for iOS simulators - Expo Documentation

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