eas.config.js? dynamic eas.json

Hi, any plans to create dynamic eas config? like app.config.js?
i want dynamically set some options, like releaseChannel. i want use like
"releaseChannel": "pro-" + appConfig.version

no, with new update service there won’t be any need to have sth like this and a fixed number of channels should be enough

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ty, u talk about this PR? time to yarn upgrade

check out runtimeVersion: Runtime Versions - Expo Documentation

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ty. did I understand correctly, at now i need change release channel in eas.json for production and prerelease (dev-client) builds with versioning, lie pro-1.5.7, pre-1.5.7 etc. and with runtimeVersion i set it in 1.5.8 (for example) and in eas.json set pro and pre in different build and its all i need?
i change version, runtimeversion, builds etc in app.json/app.config.js, and all my updates push only in runtimeVersion builds? its realy cool.

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