EAS CLI rejecting login


Normally, EAS CLI asks for Expo login details and smoothly builds .ipa and .apk file.
But since this morning, the CLI stopped working when email and password is entered.
The CLI ends with HTTPError: Response code 503


eas diagnostics command returns “CombinedError: [Network] Service Temporarily Unavailable”

node v14.16.1
Windows 11

Error output

No response

Reproducible demo or steps to reproduce from a blank project

eas build --profile preview --platform all end CLI with HTTPError: Response code 503

Hi! We’re currently investigating this issue: Expo Status - Degraded Performance

If you’re developing locally, expo start --lan --offline does work and you’ll be able to code locally

I’d like to get the EAS working as soon as possible.
Because I need to get ipa and apk files and upload them to stores
Thank you

Yes, we’re working on fixes and will be rolling them out as soon as we can

Thank you

We have implemented a fix and things should be getting back to normal- we’re still monitoring the error rates, though

Incident is resolved- let me know if you’re still running into this same issue.

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