EAS Builds don't show profile/release channel

The regular list of builds shows what release channel the build was for, but the EAS builds don’t show this information. It would be very helpful to (for example) see the last production build so you can distribute that link and be able to differentiate from staging/test builds.


Thanks for this! We’ve heard this from a couple other users so it’s definitely something we’re going to add :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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@charliecruzan great, thanks! is this the right place for these kinds of issues? have a few more small things I’ve noticed :grin:

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sure, this works!

Hey guys, just wanted to check if this is still in the works? We’re using several internal testing branches, and it would be super handy to have a place where you can download the latest build for each of those… Even if we have to search for it manually on the builds list page. (Automatic latest build per release channel would be even more awesome!)

here’s a rough mockup of what we’re working on. focusing on the build details page first but we’ll get to this part soon


This looks great. Definitely good having release channel and also perhaps version and build numbers.

Is there a timeline to get that implemented?
It’s getting really confusing to find a specific build when you have multiple items in the list :sweat_smile:

should be live sometime in the next 24 hrs. it’ll look like this:

it’s live now

Thanks for the quick reply @notbrent - I can see that now!
That’s definitely very helpful! :smiley: