eas build works in dev, but does not build in fastlane

Found it! And I am back up to the latest expo releases. I had an old version of metro-config. Found the clue here: JS Bundle Error after upgrading to 0.70.1. · Issue #34712 · facebook/react-native · GitHub

Thanks for your help!

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Great :slight_smile:

I have in the past found it useful to create a new Expo app and compare all of the config files with the real app when trying to upgrade.

Hi again. Forgot to follow up on this, but in my case there was an error further down in the output. It was in a module that I had added at some point in time but then didn’t use. I had a similar problem on my Android build, but for a different module.

Lesson learned - read the entire error message - not just the first 60+ lines :slight_smile:


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