EAS build with relative local dependency gives "refers to non-exiting file" error

SDK 44
EAS-CLI 2.6.0

Because of another EAS issue I’m trying to reproduce I’m created an expo project from scratch.
I copied the package.json dependencies into the new project. The new project fails during the install dependencies step of EAS, way sooner then my other problem (which fails during pod install)

Running "yarn install" in the root dir of your repository 
yarn install v1.22.17
[1/4] Resolving packages...
[stderr] error Package "our-package" refers to a non-existing file '"/Users/expo/workingdir/our-package"'.
info Visit https://yarnpkg.com/en/docs/cli/install for documentation about this command.
yarn exited with non-zero code: 1
# package.json
"dependencies": {
    "our-package": "file:../our-package",
#yarn.lock has the dependency like this

  version "1.0.0"
    axios "^0.18.0"
    base-64 "^0.1.0"
    bson-objectid "^2.0.1"
    hoist-non-react-statics "^2.5.0"
    mobx "^3.1.16"
    mobx-react "^4.2.1"
    pako "^1.0.10"
    react-hot-loader "^4.3.3"
    react-visibility-sensor "^5.1.1"
    rfc6902 "^3.0.1"
    sha.js "^2.4.11"
    socket.io-client "^2.0.3"

The folder structure did not change

    files of the package

Is there some kind of configuration I overlooked? Very strange to me that dependency install would work during eas of app, but not of appTest

Hi @striveclouddev

Reading between the lines it sounds like you’re saying that the problem you’re describing in this post is about your appTest app, but when you build your app app with eas build -p ios it works? That’s very surprising indeed.

Is this a monorepo? If so, have a look at these docs: