EAS build trouble with multiple app in monorepository


I have some application in one repository that share same code and we only need to have different bundle identifier. Furthermore, I need to use EAS build to apply native code on project
To do that, I follow the great Cedric’s project on monorepo/multiple apps (GitHub - byCedric/eas-monorepo-example: An example monorepo for EAS or just Expo usage)

Everything is working in development with multiple command : expo run android, expo start --dev-client and classic expo-start on application root that I want to start.

When I would like to build apk or adb on application root, I got an error in expo server on dependencies’ step.
ProjectID : 8a94e83d-33bc-4c6a-bc4a-9213484e8ed1
BuildID : b5210ffe-07ae-4b5b-8e40-7564e0356026

Project tree

Package.json of MyWorkspace’s application has a simple postinstall like “expo-yarn-workspaces postinstall” and build command like “eas build --platform android --profile beta”

Projet has private visibility on github so I can’t shared all the project… But if necessary, I can try to make a little project to share it.

Could you say me what’s wrong ?

Thank you

Hi @jaysonm! Thanks for the kinds words, I hope the example repo might have helped a bit.

As for your issue, because monorepos are fairly complex and a lot of things can go wrong, having access to (part) of the code would be required in this case. It looks like EAS didn’t detect you are using yarn, and I’m also a bit confused about the \ backslash instead of / forward slash.

If you can duplicate the content of your project and remove the sensitive code from the app(s), that would be helpful. I’m only interested in the structure and how you set up the monorepo.


I have done a little anonymous project to share you the problem
Please find it on the following link : GitHub - Jaysonm/ProjectMultipleApp: Project for ExpoTeam concerning multiple app in one repository to deb

You’ll need to set your account for using eas on the project because I removed my organization account with EAS Service to keep confidentiality.

Recently, I have noticed the problem was only on Window because it was blocked on dependencies step. If I did exactly the same command “build_apk_beta” from the project on Mac, it reach dependencies step on Expo’s server

Thank you