eas build sourcemaps?

I’ve recently upgraded from Expo SDK 44 to 46 on a bare workflow. My app works when building locally using expo run:android and expo run:ios. My app successfully builds on the eas servers using eas build --profile internalDevelopment --platform all. However, my app crashes on startup on both iOS and Android. I would like to symbolicate my crash logs so I have an idea of what is causing the app to crash. Is it possible to generate Android sourcemaps and get access to them through eas build? I’m also open to other ideas for debugging these crashes. Thank you in advance.

Hi @matthewgaba

I’m not sure about the sourcemaps, but have a look at the Troubleshooting build errors and crashes docs

Thank you. I was able to run with --no-dev flag and see a deobfuscated crash log in the javascript console. Thanks!

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