EAS Build signing builds with wrong key

Hi everyone I have been using Expo cli to build and submit my app to the app stores

I have just updated to SDK 48 and while my app builds just fine, when I try to submit I keep getting Google Api Error: Invalid request - The Android App Bundle was signed with the wrong key. Found: SHA1: expected: SHA1:

I think what happened is I used the command expo credentials:manager to generate a key for my android Oath with google (KEY-A) and that key is now taking over where my original one was KEY-B

Is there any way I can get EAS to go back to signing my builds with the original key?

My version is expo-cli 6.3.2

I am very stuck with this issue so would be very grateful to anyone who can bail me out

It depends if you added new keystore or replaced the existing one:

  • do you have multiple entries there Log In — Expo, or if you select specific package do you have multiple sets of credentials there?
  • did you change app slug/owner/android.package in app.json?

If you overwritten your original keystore and did not back it up, the only way to recover it is to ask google support to reset it for you.

Hi wkozyra

Looking in credentials section section it looks like it was overwritten, I have made the request to Google for the reset

Thanks for your help