EAS Build - Prebuild downgrading expo-updates causing crash

Hey :wave:

I have a managed Expo app that is built on Expo鈥檚 EAS Build service.
Recently, I ran into an issue which seems now to be resolved (see Auto-layout/Orientation/split-screen does not work for iOS in expo 43 production builds 路 Issue #14967 路 expo/expo 路 GitHub).
I updated my app鈥檚 package.json such that expo-updates is set to version 0.10.15. However, the expo prebuild command automatically downgrades this to 0.10.13.
Locally, I am able to circumvent this by passing --skip-dependency-update expo-updates. Unfortunately, I cannot pass this argument to the pre-build step on the EAS Build service.

Is there a way I can build with expo-updates at 0.10.15 so I can utilise the new fix?


I have the same issue, I can鈥檛 build with expo-updates 0.10.15 for ios. Did you found a workaround ?


expo sdk 44 does not impose any specific expo-updates verison. i鈥檇 recommend updating to sdk 44 for full control