eas build --platform ios error

Ok, we have disabled everything but ‘Associated Domains’, ‘Push Notifications’ and ‘Sign In with Apple’. The ‘Sign In with Apple’ capability is giving that initial error I posted about when trying to disable it.

There is a problem with the request entity - The bundle ‘K3PHV8M3R9’ cannot be deleted. Delete all the Apps related to this bundle to proceed

does your app use sign in with apple? it’s not in your entitlements so i suspect it doesn’t

following up - if you don’t use sign in with apple, can you try disabling it manually and then building and let me know if that works for you?

We are using Sign in with Apple, and it was working locally without having the right configuration in app.json. I added the “usesAppleSignIn” key for iOS in app.json. We ended up clearing out most things in the developer account and used a different identifier and I was able to successfully build an .ipa file.

Thank you very much for your time and help :grinning:


My issue was finally fixed not by updating code or Apple developer console config, but by updating my eas-cli :expressionless:

great! keep in mind that during eas feature preview you should always try to use the latest version of eas-cli. we are updating it rapidly and there are sometimes breaking changes

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I also had to use your suggested hack EXPO_NO_CAPABILITY_SYNC=1. Not sure what the implications of this are, but I was not able to find a fix via solutions in this thread.

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i would say it’s not necessarily a hack but rather a workaround should you encounter a situation where our capability syncing system isn’t able to handle your case, for some reason. you can manually toggle capabilities in the apple developer portal for your identifier if that’s the case.

Thank you!!! I’ve added SignInWithApple and got this error. Adding usesAppleSignIn definitely fixed the issue!

PS: If you manually add a new capabilities to your Apple App ID, you’ll need to modify ios.entitlements in app.json

Example for adding Sign In with Apple capability:

      "entitlements": {
        "com.apple.developer.applesignin": [
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I resolve this intalling expo-apple-authentication, and add to the plugin area em app.json like plugins: [
and finally adding in app.json ios: { “usesAppleSignIn”: true, }.
The problens start when I mark ‘login with apple’ in the apple store.